Partnerships, Public Policy & Government Affairs


About you

Passionate about policy and the new decentralized web? Have the drive to build a new organization and push it forward? Great at developing relationships with regulators and organizations to provide education on technology issues? Skilled at organizing events and creating educational materials?

The Job

You will establish and manage local, state, federal and global relationships that benefit the programs and policies of Web3 Working Group. Additionally, you’ll strategize ways to educate and achieve impact in areas of public policy and technology development that support the growth and adoption of web3, as well as organize events and create materials.


You will be responsible for Web3WG’s presence on Capitol Hill and beyond. You’ll build and maintain relationships with regulators at government entities and agencies at the local, state, federal and global levels, as well as partnerships with organizations and associations. You will provide internal and external education about policy and regulations, maintain current knowledge of government changes and actions, and generate public support for relevant issues. Duties will range from social to legislative to administrative.

  • Research and monitor government activities that could affect the organization’s mission
  • Track, report and analyze various legislative and regulatory actions
  • Assist senior management and leadership with strategic planning for known and potential regulatory activities related to the organization
  • Liaise with other organizations and collaborate with industry advocates to build areas of common interest
  • Attend meetings and briefings to represent the organization as needed
  • Draft/write monthly updates for internal and external use
  • Establish and maintain CRM to track status of relationships with government and other organizations
  • Introduce legislative and public policy changes that will support the growth and adoption of web3
  • Perform other duties as required

What success looks like

  • Regulators and their staff have a positive view of Web3WG, regard us as experts in the industry and look to us to provide educational resources
  • Strong partnerships with other organizations, associations, and individuals in the industry
  • Participate in, organize and execute successful events, content & materials which are highly regarded for their educational content and quality experience
  • Build strong newsletter following


  • Strong government and organization contacts
  • Strong understanding of web3 and familiarity with or ability to quickly learn about web3 issues like content moderation, node discovery & analytics.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
    • Ability to read, understand and clearly draft proposed legislation and public comments, as well as prepare a variety of written communications such as reports, testimony and factsheets.
    • Skill in communicating effectively with all levels of management, boards of directors and staff as well as external individuals and groups.
  • Interpersonal and negotiation skills.
    • Demonstrated ability to ethically form and maintain relationships with government officials and government entities; ability to maintain respectful and appropriate professional demeanor at all times.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Understanding of the interplay between proposed changes and existing statutory or regulatory frameworks and how the changes may affect the growth and adoption of web3.
  • Organizational skills
    • Ability to organize events, relationships with people and organizations, and internal and external calendars.
  • Occasional travel required

About Web3 Working Group

Web3 Working Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our purpose is to educate about web3 infrastructure and how it's distinct but adjacent to the cryptocurrency industry. We educate regulators and the public at-large about how web3 will permanently restore user control of cyberspace, replacing centralized control with transparent and permissionless protocols through incentives aligned with users.

What to expect during the interview process:

  • Initial Zoom Interview
  • First and Second Round Interview
  • Reference Checks