Video Script Writer

About you

Passionate about the new decentralized web and all it means for the future? Fantastic at research and explaining complex ideas simply? Skilled at writing in someone else’s voice?

The Job

You will research and write weekly scripts for the What Kind of Internet Do You Want? video series. Video topics will be planned in advance with the team. Additionally, you’ll contribute to creating copy for social media assets.


Researching and writing 1 episode per week, 8-15 minutes in spoken length (1040-1950 words), length can vary as needed depending on the topic. You’ll research the topic thoroughly and generate an outline to share with the team that includes a breakdown of the basic concepts as well as interesting anecdotes and useful analogies. After receiving and integrating feedback, you will write a script in the established voice of the channel. Final draft of the script will include your suggestions for post production graphics such as news articles, images and logos. Finally, you’ll collaborate on social media copy to promote the episode.

What success looks like


About Web3 Working Group

Web3 Working Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our purpose is to educate about web3 infrastructure and how it's distinct but adjacent to the cryptocurrency industry. We educate regulators and the public at-large about how web3 will permanently restore user control of cyberspace, replacing centralized control with transparent and permissionless protocols through incentives aligned with users.

What to expect during the interview process:

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